On May 25th Gronk! and Cretos raided KublaCon near the realm of San Francisco to help spared human Brandon Raasch, the creator of the Dubious Alliance Featuring A Band of Orcs card game launch his Kickstarter campaign to fund his game.  The launch was a DOMINATING success and he had his funding within hours of launch.  

Brandon and Dubious Alliance continue to roll like a war machine through funding and stretch goals.  

Humans, we are pleased to announce another offdate on our return home from the "Madness at the Core of Time" Tour. 

Mosh Pit Army Presents: A BAND OF ORCS! Returning to CA after a national tour with GWAR, A Band Of Orcs will be stopping at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix on Thursday, 11/21/13. This is an all ages event.

Tickets on sale now at


Humans, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived.  The multiverse has fundamentally shifted as the doomsayers proclaim the Madness at the Core of Time Tour 2013 at which A Band of Orcs shall play the opening salvo on this epic North American invasion with GWAR, White Chapel and Iron Reagan...Hail Gzoroth!!!!

Humans, we have some offdates on the way to, inbetween, and back from the Madness at the Core of Time Tour. Hail Gzoroth!!!  Click HERE for more info.


Humans, we are pleased to announce that A Band of Orcs have joined the artist rosters of Hard Impact Music (Artist Management) and Rock the Nation USA Talent Agency (Booking).  Both outfits are represented by Kataklysm and Ex Deo frontman Maurizio Iacono, a 20-year veteran of metal campaigning. This alliance made in the Nine Hells directly answers the pleas of A Band of Orcs’ human fans around the world that have long yearned to see the Orcs embark on national and international pillaging tours.

Our label have submitted us and some other ITCHY METAL artists for consideration for a Grammy.  They have put together a CD of their Grammy contenders HERE.

"A Band of Orcs is an inventive and wildly imaginative band that will keep your thrashing all night long. These guys are not a rehash of GWAR or other ‘costume’ bands; they are the evolvement of the genre. They have a past, a history that is rife with strife, and they present it for you in their music."

Read more at his Blog HERE!


"Adding Heads to the Pile demonstrates how the Orcs have a solid grip on their blackened death/thrash fundamentals, but they've also found a way to put their signature on the genre with their lyrical world-building, which helps bring the essence of their outlandish live personas to your earphones. The whole monstrous bundle is wrapped up with supreme artwork, including paintings by fantasy illustrators Chuck Lukacs (Magic: The Gathering) and Lorraine Schleter, which should have fans salivating for a proper vinyl edition."

Read More HERE!

The new album is here, humans!  Buy it now! 

Summer Slaughter, 2012 at the Grove of Anaheim.

Hail Gzoroth!!!!

We shared the day with Slayer, Hail Gzoroth!!!!

Humans, our new single for "In the Keeper's Chamber," which will be available June 30th, through Itchy Metal Entertainment, is streaming over at our allies' website Hails & Horns.  

In other news, the new single for the forthcoming A Band of Orcs album will hit your realm June 30th  With a worldwide digital and CD release via Itchy Metal Entertainment. 

Now that the economy is turning around, many of you are looking for a good way to spend your money.  Wasting your money on food and shelter is simply not enough anymore.  You want adventure!  You want to be part of a cause greater than yourselves!  You want to contribute to A Band of Orcs Kickstarter Campaign!  

The Orcs are trying to raise 12,000 dollars to put out a double vinyl picture disc release of their upcoming record.  This record might well be the single most important release in the history of the universe and you can be a part of it.  Years from now, when your great-grandchildren are discussing the vinyl pressing the legendary Band of Orcs record, you can look over at them and say “Youngster, I made that happen.”  

Thank you to those who supported our latest Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our first full-length album! We lost this battle in not reaching our funding goal, but the war rages ever on and we will win in the end. We've put together the best team of metal sorcerers available around this Vortex and this album will be the most metal thing to hit your face in 2012.

We invite you to join the Metal Tusk Army and become the stuff of music legend with us by pledging your support of our first full-length concept album today and by spreading the word of the impending Domination.

A Band of Orcs and Itchy Metal Entertainment have decided to release this demo in  the Fall of 2011 as a tasty morsel for our human fans to gnaw as they await the arrival of our first  full-length album.  It has been a long time coming, we know. 

Humans, here is the list of the Exalted Minions (those that wished to be identified) that helped fund our trip to Gen Con Indy by pledging for the A Band of Orcs "Gore-Stained Axe Tribe" Official Gaming Miniatures through our Kickstarter campaign, along with any special messages they may have for the unspared.


Inchoates, the sketch you've all been waiting for! The grim visage of your new arrogant god and leader, the supreme orc overlord, Our WarChief of the Apocalypse - Gogog Bloodthroat!  This completes the slave work done by fantasy illustrator and chaos chronicler Chuck Lukacs for the joint venture between A Band of Orcs and Impact! Miniatures, upon which the official gaming miniatures to be released at GenCon Indy are based.  Chuck has earned his right to be spared when the Domination comes with this one and he shall live just a little while longer.

The full lineup and details of A Band of Orcs' historic headlining raid on the largest Role Playing Game Convention in the world have been unearthed.

With the release of the statuesque gaming miniatures tribute to your new orc overlords looming on the doomed and gloomy horizon, A Band of Orcs and Impact! Miniatures proudly present the penultimate sketch in the series -- Cretos Filthgrinder, by longtime slave and chaos chronicler Chuck Lukacs.

With infernal glee we bring you news that the Domination has begun to spread beyond the realms of California.  The biggest gathering of the kind of haphazard sorcerers that summoned us to your realm (role-playing gamers) will take place at The GenCon Indy Role-Playing Game Convention on the weekend of August 4th - 7th  in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rising from the ashes of his self-made electrical demise is crunchy rhythm guitarist Hulg ElfR.I.P.per, brought to (un)life by renowned fantasy artist Chuck Lukacs

As promised, the next in a serious of sketches made under duress by the imperturbable Chuck Lukacs the Mighty Chaos Chronicler of Orc Tower.  Behold the orctastic visage of shaman and bass player Gronk! of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe of A Band of Orcs, infernally  inspired by Gzoroth and Gogog’s axe looming over his neck, ahahahahah.

Last week we announced that we have entered into a joint venture with Impact! Miniatures to create mini-orcs, so you can role-play the inevitable Domination of your miserable human relam.  Behold, renowned fantasy artist and sometime slave Chuck Lukacs has completed the concept sketches for the project.  The first to be revealed are Oog Skullbasherand his brutal war-drum kit!  Feast your eyes and let them bleed, humans!!!

We the denizens of Orc Tower are positively, diabolically giddy to announce that we have teamed up with Impact! Miniatures in a joint venture to produce a 28mm miniature set based on - you guessed it - the harbingers of the Domination... A Band of Orcs!

Slaves, A Band of Orcs, has contributed a track to’s exclusive Peter Steele All For None None For all - A Tribute to Peter Steele.

To honor Peter’s memory on the anniversary of his passing, and lead a new generation of metalheads to his music, heavy metal news site has teamed up with a dozen underground bands from across the globe to release an exclusive tribute album. The tribute, entitled “All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele," was done in collaboration with Dan Mitchell of Beneath The Woods Studio and features twelve stellar cover songs from many stages of Peter’s career in both Type O Negative and Carnivore.

The songs covered, which include interpretations running the gamut from depressive rock to power metal to death metal and many stops in-between, are as follows:

Alex Gilbert and his company, Team All About the Music, have been friends of A Band of Orcs for a long time, and the slaves here at oRc Tower are very excited to see him get some attention from the blogosphere. For those interested in getting a start in the music business, his is wisdom you can't afford to ignore:

I mentioned this on the Twitter feed for the site, and I've had a few doubtful responses, but I kid you not - on today's episode of The Price is Right, one of the final showcases included a trip to GenCon, along with a gaming laptop, some PC games, and a new car!And the bidding contestant won it, too!

"I attack them, using my... additional notes!"

Last night's D&D-themed episode of Community was excellent, in your humble host's opinion. It doesn't quite beat out the final episode of Freaks and Geeks for best gaming-themed episode ever, but I would call it a close second.



Friend of the site and supporter of the Orcs, Chris Shipton, has sent over a very cool illustration of Gronk!. Gronk! is shown holding his treasured shamanic bass staff, wearing his customary armor and looking as vicious as ever.

Here are a couple interesting articles from our friends at

In a recent interview with Brendon Small, a question from Facebook suggests that A Band of Orcs join Dethklok on screen in a cameo on Adult Swim's Metalocalypse. Judging by his response, he seems open to the possibility:

Many online publications have been kind enough to send the Orcs an invitation to be interviewed through email. It's a reasonable move on the part of journalists to attempt to keep a safe distance. Orcs are, however, confused and upset by computers (their typing skills, needless to say, are also lacking) and the only way to get an interview done online includes transcription, sedatives and a lot of patience. The following is a collection of some of the most entertaining web interviews archived here on (and be sure to check out the video interview roundup here)

If you don't recognize this song, entitled "Stormbringer", it's because it is an unreleased track from the new album. Although the Orcs would toss me to the Pit Fiend for leaking this recording, their computer skills are lacking and I think you fellow minions will enjoy this taste of things to come.

We thought we'd try something new, maybe feeding the average fantasy fan's curiosity about D&D and table-top gaming. Here are a few posts on gaming the old school way:

As we tread into the new year, we reflect on the past and our fortunate support from fans, slaves and the kind journalists brave enough to stick their microphones between the tusks of the Orcs.

Below, we have collected the good, the bad and the oRcy of all the video interviews conducted over the years.


For those of you who attended the 10-Year ArnoCorps anniversary at Slim's in San Francisco, you'll know that it was the ballsiest show ever. You'll also know that the Orcs opened up the evening with their usual roaring performance of the most brutal Orc-Metal in this realm and Judgement Day once again asserted their dominance over the String-Metal genre.

This photo comes to us courtesy of Steven Goodner, a young bassist and loyal slave of the oRcs! Steven came out to see the oRcs last year at Winter Death in Humboldt, a 4 hour drive from home. Currently living in Sacramento, he's found that music is all that keeps him sane even through the roughest times.

Recently, Horror culture Zine Rue Morgue conducted a fun interview with the Orcs. It proved to be worthwhile, Rue Morgue even hosted a giveaway of the Orcs' EP Warchiefs of the Apocalypse!

Well, the winner calls himself Kinnell Tackett of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He had this to say:

When LA media agency Heavy Metal-World™ (HMW) opened submissions for new artists during the 2010 Holiday season, the indie outfit had some very specific goals in mind. Focused on assembling a unique approach by re-engineering the relationship between artist and record label, the company was hell-bent on crafting a common vision for success and set out to find musicians that would understand and share a passion for creativity.

Our good friend, Salo Sopor, sent over this awesome Gogog T-Shirt design he made for some fun. Check it out:

The great Chuck Lukacs, the artist of all A BAND OF ORCS' album cover and most shirt designs, knows exactly how to keep it evil:

Our good friend VEGA made this ceramic whistle inspired by the ORCS!

The good people at have been kind enough to report on our upcoming show with Arnocorps and Judgement Day!

Blood Bowl is a fantasy football board/video game loosely based on American football, which was produced by Games Workshop, using the Living Rulebook 5.0’s ruleset. In searching for musicians to entertain their banquet for each victory, they met by chance A BAND OF ORCS and immediately fell in love! Visit their Official Site here.

This oRctober, A BAND OF ORCS insisted on taking oRctoberfest to the people... to make people their slaves. Our good friend, fellow slave, and excellent photographer VEGA was at the show ready to shoot. Today, she shared with us her excellent images! Check it out.

YOUR MUSIC MAGAZINE, supporting local and national music since 1996, has posted a video of A BAND OF ORCS and comrades SOTHIS on their site. Visit the official page here.

Check out this gallery of photos by BRIAN CRABTREE/BLANK PROMOTIONS of the Orcs at the Santa Cruz Catalyst during the  5/21/2010 2010 Santa Cruz Your Music Olympicks Finals.

Be speared or be spared...

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